Connecticut woman allegedly attacks pregnant McDonald's manager over wrong order: report


A Connecticut woman was apparently so distraught about her McDonald's order that she allegedly attacked the restaurant's manager — who was pregnant.

Shannelle Hanson, 21, was at a McDonald's in Norwich, a city roughly 40 miles east of Hartford, on Friday night when the incident unfolded.

“She became irate with McDonald’s staff due to her displeasure with her McChicken sandwich,” police said, according to the Norwich Bulletin.

At that point, Hanson reportedly decided to take the matter into her own hands — and make her own McChicken. She allegedly headed behind the kitchen counter, "and assaulted the manager in the process."

Hanson was charged with breach of peace and third-degree assault of a pregnant woman, the news outlet reported. She's scheduled to appear in court for arraignment on June 13.

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