College student gets stuck in clothes dryer after having a few drinks: 'I will never stop making fun of her'

Photo by SWNS

This is why you don’t drink and dry.

A college student in the U.K. needed to be rescued by her local fire brigade after getting her legs stuck inside the clothes dryer she shares with her roommates.

Rosie Cole, 21, says she and her friends were drinking wine and tequila on Tuesday night when she was challenged to fit inside their shared appliance, reported SWNS.

“I was with my other housemates, and one of them dared me to get in it,” said Cole, a student at the University of Hull, in East Yorkshire, England. “Me thinking there was no chance I’d actually fit, decided to try it, and to my surprise, it seemed easier than I thought.”

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Cole climbed in legs-first, and even managed to shimmy her hips in, before she realized she wasn’t unable to uncross her legs inside the dryer. Cole’s roommates were also unable to help free her hindquarters from the tiny, warm prison.

Photo by SWNS

The group eventually decided to call the local fire brigade, although they were barely able to convey the situation without breaking into hysterical laughter, according to footage shared with SWNS.

Footage filmed by one of Cole’s friends, however, seems to indicate that, while they were certainly concerned, they were also extremely amused by her predicament.

“This might sound a bit weird, but our friend is stuck in the dryer,” one of Cole’s friends can be heard telling the emergency workers over the phone. “Yes, in the dryer,” she repeats, laughing.

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The arriving firefighters were able to free Cole within 20 minutes, but her friend Lydia told SWNS that the entire ordeal has likely resulted in a “lifetime of embarrassment” for her friend.

Photo by SWNS

“I will never stop making fun of her,” Lydia said.

Cole, meanwhile, maintains that she and her roommates didn’t know how else to handle the situation, and defends their decision to get the fire department involved.

“They save cats from trees, so maybe they could save students from tumble dryers,” she reasoned.

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