Cocoa mom denies calling in high school bomb threat

In February, students had to leave Cocoa High School because of a bomb threat.

Months later, police say they connected the threat to a school parent, Anaya Smith.

"It was just total shock," Smith told FOX 35 after getting out of jail. "Especially when you’re sitting in there, and you know you haven’t done anything wrong."

The threat came in the form of a voicemail allegedly riddled with obscenities saying the school better start feeding their children better, or the caller would blow it up.

"I don’t even talk like that," Smith said. "Anybody who knows me knows I don’t talk that way."

Police say they linked the threat to Smith with her phone number.

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But Smith says the number in their report isn't hers.

The report also references a student who had been arguing with a cafeteria worker asking for more food.

Police say Smith is that student's legal guardian, but she says she's never heard of the kid named in the case.

"Simple fact checking could have eliminated all of this," said Andrea Johnson, Anaya's sister. "One arrest could ruin somebody’s life. Not her life. I will make sure."

"Some of the damage has already been done, because social media is forever," Smith said. "It’s always going to be out there."

FOX 35 reached out to police after business hours Thursday, and so far they haven't responded to Anaya's claims.

After calling the phone number listed in the police report, a message said it's no longer in service.