Clermont to get new 250-acre development to support booming area

Clermont has been home to Olympic and professional athletes for years as a place to train for world-class competition. It’s also one of the fastest-growing cities in the Orlando area.  

So, a new development in the city is a perfect fit for the booming area. It’s called Olympus, which is a 250-acre development directly across Highway 27 from Lake Louisa State Park.  

The development will be on the leading edge of the development movement called "Live-Work-Play," where people are able to live in the same area where they also take part in their recreational activities. 

Matt Carroll with Olympus Sports and Entertainment Group says this will be the perfect combination of everything that families are asking for right now. "It's just the place that you're going to want to be for entertainment, for restaurants, for shopping, obviously, for the sports component, but really a place you want to live."  

That included health and wellness facilities, hotels, a town center, retail, and office space, along with training and competition venues for world-class athletes.  

"We have so many athletes that that train here and call Clermont home", Carroll says. "So, it's very easy to sort of integrate that and what we're bringing into what's already established in town." 

When the development is completed, it will include over 1,000 residential units, 1,300 hotel rooms, a conference center, and over a million square feet of sports and entertainment venues and space.   

Carroll adds, "We plan on bringing sports from across many different disciplines, all with the underpinning of the Olympic Athlete Center, an Olympics Performance Institute, which will be the main touchpoint for all those venues."  

That will also include a hockey arena, a field house, soccer fields a running and cycling course, and the Olympus Tennis Center which will use the same red clay as they use for the French open courts.  

Carroll says his family takes pride in this development because this is something they are all enthusiastic about. "We’re centered around health and wellness.  We believe in that plan and we believe that what we’re bringing will benefit all the people in the community and the people that choose to call Olympus home."  Construction is set for next year with the completion of many of the homes and amenities in early 2025.