Circular saw, bowling pin, sword: Bizarre items people tried to get through TSA at Orlando airport

Frequent travelers likely know that certain items are not allowed through security at the airport nor on the plane – guns, stun guns, lighters, drills and drill bits, liquids over three ounces – yet TSA employees have found some interesting items stowed in passengers' carry-on luggage recently at Orlando International Airport:

  • a bowling pin
  • a circular saw
  • a wooden sword
  • a hitch
  • knives
  • a sander

Ahead of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, which is a busy travel weekend, TSA is reminding travelers to double-check their luggage and what's allowed on the plane and not on the plane to avoid last-minute stress at the airport, and to keep the security line moving.

"You do wonder why someone needs a table saw or a sander when they're going on a trip," said Sari Koshetz, spokesperson for TSA. However, while those items were not allowed in the cabin, they could have been stored in passengers' checked bags without an issue.

She shared a number of odd items that were reportedly found in passengers' luggage at OIA recently.

TSA has a "What can I bring?" section on the website that lists a bunch of items – air mattress with built-in-pump to antlers to bike pumps and medical equipment – and whether it's allowed on the plane, in checked luggage, not allowed at all, or require special instructions. There is also an app that people can use.

Weeks ago, TSA warned that it was seeing more people attempt to bring guns in carry-on luggage at Florida airports, including Orlando, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale. Guns cannot be in carry-on luggage, but can be in checked luggage as long as they're declared and unloaded.