Busch to give '3 months' of beer to people that adopt or foster a dog during coronavirus pandemic

Busch beer is offering the chance at a 3-month supply of beer to adopt a dog. ( Busch )

Dogs may be man’s best friend and beer is also his good buddy.

As more and more people are practicing social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, animal shelters and rescue centers have had to close their doors to visitors. Fortunately, some companies are taking steps to ensure that needy dogs don’t get forgotten about during the outbreak.


Busch Beer is teaming up with Midwest Animal Rescue to help get dogs fostered and adopted. To help incentivize people into bringing a furry friend home, the beer company is offering a prize they call “Busch Beer for 3 months.”

“During these uncertain and lonelier times, people need an escape: cue the cute puppy memes and photos,” a spokesperson for Busch in a statement to People. “But as much as we need those cute puppy pics to help get us through social distancing, it’s actually them who need us.”

The rules for the promotion are fairly simple: adopt or foster a dog through Midwest Animal Rescue and then send the proof to Busch through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (users must also follow Busch on the social network).

Busch will be providing up to 500 winners with a pre-paid debit card worth $100. Busch will be accepting submissions through April 25th.

“Social distancing is better with a furry friend by your side and a cold beer in your hand,” a spokesperson for Busch told People.

Based on what’s happening in New York City, Busch shouldn’t have a shortage of entrances.

Fox News reported that animal shelters in New York City have seen an uptick in adoptions and fosters during the coronavirus pandemic. Many shelters have even reported that they are almost out of cats and dogs due to the increased demand.