Boeing jet undergoing maintenance after emergency landing at Orlando International Airport

Maintenance crews at Orlando International Airport will be examining a Boeing Max 737 jet that had to make an emergency on Tuesday.

There was only a pilot and co-pilot on the plane, no passengers when they made the emergency landing. 




Southwest airlines said minutes after taking off from OIA Tuesday afternoon, the Boeing 737 max airplane unexpectedly turned around. Engine problems forced the pilot to make an emergency landing.

The aircraft was on its way to California to be grounded.

Earlier this month, 157 people died when an Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed. Nearly 200 people were killed on another Max 8 jet in Indonesia back in October. 

On Wednesday, Boeing is expected to announce a software fix for the automated system believed to be the problem.

Right now it is not clear if the emergency landing yesterday had anything to do with the suspected problems on the Max jets or how long that plane will be at Orlando International Airport.