Bear euthanized after charging 2 boys in Colorado, 1 cub survives capture

A bear that had charged two boys has been euthanized, Colorado wildlife officials said. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers said on October 4, they responded to a call for help that was initially reported as a bear attack involving two boys in a heavily wooded area in Colorado Springs. 

They later found out that an aggressive sow charged at the boys, ages 12 and 13. One boy suffered a minor injury after running into a tree branch. 

Wildlife officials immediately began to search for the bear, that was estimated to be 150 pounds, and her two cubs, weighing about 50 pounds. 

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When they found the sow, they said the bear was aggressive towards an officer, and the officer euthanized her. 

The team they began to search her cubs with the goal of capturing and releasing them into the wild in a more suitable bear habitat. The cubs were viable enough to survive on the own. 

They found the cubs and tranquilized both of them. However, one of the cubs was unable to be revived. 

The surviving cub was released. 

 "This was an unfortunate situation where a sow had become dangerously aggressive toward people instead of being scared of humans," Tim Kroening, CPW wildlife manager for the Pikes Peak area, said in a news release. "There was no choice but to put it down after it repeatedly charged people."

"And the death of the cub was a sad reminder of why CPW is reluctant to tranquilize wildlife. There are many risks involved when tranquilizing wildlife."

This story was reported from Los Angeles.