Florida parents dealing with baby formula shortage

A baby formula shortage that’s forcing some stores to limit sales has gotten worse: In 26 states, 40-50% of major formula brands were sold out last week. The empty shelves and out-of-stock signs are causing desperation among parents as manufacturers to scramble.

Vero Beach mom Amber Barcus has a 9-month-old son at home. She has been on the hunt for baby formula for months.

"Bottom line, it has been scary," said Amber Barcus.

She added, "It is very stressful to go from one store to the other, sometimes 4 or 5 stores just to find his brand!"

National data shows a recall of popular baby formulas, paired with inflation and supply chain issues are worsening the issue. 

According to Datasembly.com, the out-of-stock rate shows in January 2022, baby formula shortages hit 23%.

That number is spiking, with out-of-stock levels at 31% as of April.

"I am seeing families that are struggling with this," said pediatrician Candice Jones. 

Jones gives some advice on what families should and shouldn't do.

Do ask your doctor for formula samples. Don’t dilute your formula to make it last longer, and definitely don't make your own.