Another outburst in court from convicted killer Scott Nelson

There was chaos in the courtroom Wednesday morning, when Scott Nelson had yet another outburst in Orange County Court.

Nelson was convicted of killing Winter Park nanny Jennifer Fulford. During the sentencing phase of his trial Wednesday, he shouted at his lawyers and argued with the judge until the judge threatened Nelson to stay quiet or get out.

"He's out of control," Nelson shouted in the courtroom."Sir, sir."

Another day in court meant another outburst from Scott Nelson.

"The due process of this trial," Nelson said to the judge."Mr. Nelson. You have attorneys," the judge replied.

Nelson is facing the death penalty for the murder of Fulford and interrupted his own sentencing after a prisons expert told the jury Nelson's previous prison records show, "he had issues with the white gangs."

"He had the Muslims who were mad at him. I didn't see where he made the Hispanics mad, but he had everybody else mad at him," said Roy "Tim" Gravette, a federal prisons expert.

"He called me a racist in front of black jurors. Mistrial. Now I've been through enough," said Nelson in court.

The outburst got even more out of control as the judge tried to calm Nelson down.

"Mr. Nelson," said the judge. "When do I get to testify?" Nelson asked his attorneys. "Put me up there."

Ultimately, Nelson left the courtroom with his attorneys. When he came back, the judge asked, "do you have any issues with proceeding at this point?" "No, I don't have any issues at all, Sir," said Nelson. "I would just like to proceed now. I was getting into my feelings I guess you could say. It won't happen again."

It didn't. Nelson stayed quiet for the rest of the witness and the next one on the stand. The sentencing phase is in recess for the holiday weekend and will continue Monday morning.