Amazon now offering garage delivery

So, you ordered a package from Amazon. You want it delivered to your doorstep? Fine. How about dropped off inside your home? Also, fine. Even if you want it left inside the trunk of your car somewhere, you can do that, and now if you want it dropped inside your garage, you can do that too.

“It sounds very efficient for people,” said Foley Flood, of Deland.

Amazon’s latest delivery announcement, Key for Garage, allows Prime members with select garage doors in select areas to have their packages dropped off inside. 

When you check out on Amazon, you can click on delivery options and then garage. 

You’ll get notifications on your phone when the delivery person is at your home before they open the garage door and after they close and lock it. 

It’s another option for those who may have found the in-home delivery too close for comfort.

“If they aren’t going to be at home and they want their stuff to get not stolen and put inside their house, it seems pretty cool, I guess,” Flood said.

But for some, it’s still too personal. 

“Outside belongs to everybody else. Inside belongs to me. Stay out.”

Automaker Ford also announced it’s hopping on the Amazon train. 

You can now do in-car Amazon delivery with select Ford and Lincoln vehicles.