Act of kindness: Florida man buys more than 100 generators to send to Bahamas

Alec Sprague was at a local Costco in Florida when he captured the moment a good Samaritan purchased thousands of dollars worth of generators and food to send to the Bahamas.

Sprague posted a picture of the man, whose name was not given, on Facebook and the act of generosity quickly went viral, gaining thousands of shares.

Sprague, a Jacksonville resident, said he was there to get a generator for himself when he noticed the man purchasing more than 100 generators valued at $450 each.

"All I could do was shake his hand and thank him! There still are good people in the world!" wrote Sprague.

Sprague went on to say that the man also purchased food that would be sent to the Bahamas along with the generators.

The post received thousands of comments from people sharing their praise for the man’s generosity, with one person writing, “if this doesn’t spell kindness I don’t know what does!”

“Very kind and caring person to help the people in the Bahamas affected by hurricane Dorian,” another person wrote.