Orlando warehouse fire: 911 calls released deadly fire that ignited fireworks

Recordings of 911 calls reveal new details about an Orange County warehouse fire that ignited fireworks stored inside a unit at the facility. The fire broke out on Dec. 1 in Taft inside a unit where the company Magic in the Sky stored fireworks. 

"There's smoke, and the fireworks are going off!" a caller told dispatchers.

Four people have died as a result of the fire and at least one other woman received burned on over half her body. 

"So we have two people burned right now, no three! At least I saw blood. We have burns," a caller told dispatchers.

Witnesses told dispatchers about their injured coworkers. "They have extreme burns, and they're panicking."

Both the State Fire Marshal's office and the company are investigating the deadly fire that people saw from miles away. "Yes, I saw when it just exploded, it just seemed like a thousand, a hundred thousand fireworks just like boomed loud," a caller told dispatchers.