3 Florida House members draw 2020 challengers

As they seek re-election in 2020, state House members Stan McClain, Tina Polsky and Dan Daley have drawn new challengers.

Ocala Democrat Dana Harshman opened a campaign account this week to try to unseat McClain, R-Ocala, in Marion County’s House District 23, according to the state Division of Elections website. Also in the race is Ocala Democrat Cynthia Marie Dela Rosa.

Meanwhile, in South Florida, Boca Raton Republican Silmo Domingos Moura opened an account to run against Polsky, D-Boca Raton, in Palm Beach County’s House District 81.

In Broward County, Coral Springs Democrat Muhammad Noman Azam Qureshi opened an account to run against Daley, D-Coral Springs, in House District 97.

Also this week, Orlando Democrat Aretha Janine Simons became the third candidate to open an account to try to replace term-limited Rep. Bruce Antone, D-Orlando, next year in Orange County’s House District 46, according to the Division of Elections website. The other candidates in the race are Democrats Cynthia Harris and Travaris Leon McCurdy.

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