3 accused of transporting fentanyl will remain behind bars, judge says

Three suspects accused of transporting a dangerous concentration of fentanyl will remain behind bars in Lake County for now while investigators finish testing the evidence.

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The substance found in the suspect car still needs to be tested to see if it is in fact fentanyl. So it will be another day until the judge decides how to charge the defendants based on what the state can produce for probable cause.

The two women at the center of the hazmat traffic stop made their first appearance before a judge from the jail.

The deputy who pulled a van over yesterday, passed out minutes after locating a suspicious substance and had to be revived with narcan – an antidote for people who overdose on opioids,

First responders were called to the scene. Two firefighters and the male suspect, Brennan Dowling, had to be hospitalized after being exposed to what investigators believe to be fentanyl – a dangerous drug often sold on the black market for it’s heroin-like effect.

In court, Stephanie Martin shook her head “no” to that claim.

The state attorney on the case said, “it was likely fentanyl that the deputy was exposed to as well as law enforcement, hence why the hazardous response team was out at that area.”

The public defender countered, “it wasn’t tested so we don’t know what it was.”




This information gave the judge a reason to pause proceedings.

“I’m a little concerned about probable cause,” Judge Terry T. Neal said.

Investigators did test one substance found on Rebecca Wagner, and it tested positive for meth.

The judge has not given the state 24 hours to complete additional testing.

For now the three suspects will remain behind bars.

The third suspect, Brennan Dowling, will make his first appearance once he is done receiving medical attention and can face a judge.