$163 million terminal at Port Canaveral is nearly complete but sea travel is up in the air due to COVID-19

While the cruise industry has the coronavirus in the rearview mirror, Port Canaveral's huge Terminal 3 will be a centerpiece of the tourism sector in Central Florida and the United States.

A new video from inside Port Canaveral‘s Terminal 3 shows that the $163 million building is nearly ready to welcome in passengers. This is the Port's biggest project in its history.

The Port is in Brevard County Commissioner Bryan Lober’s district and he told FOX 35 Orlando that "the CDC has put a little bit of a delay in things, but we’re anxious... just as soon as it is safe to open, it will be open and operating accordingly."

Carnival cruise ship Mardi Gras will be based at Terminal 3. There will also be 1,800 car parking garage to accommodate guests. More than 6,000 people will come and go through these buildings every time the ship comes and goes.

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Yet, so much about traveling out to sea is still up in the air.

Carnival Cruise Line had been discussing resuming operations at the beginning of August. On Thursday afternoon, they posted its latest financial report -- a 4.4 billion dollar loss.

Other cruise lines that use Port Canaveral have indicated their sailings might be later.

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