1 arrested in New Smyrna Beach road rage shooting

A man is behind bars in Volusia County after a road rage incident gets out of hand.

New Smyrna Beach Police Lt. Shane Riggle says 65-year-old Thomas Tipton is charged with attempted homicide after he pulled out a gun and fired at another driver.

Lt. Riggle says the incident started at Park Boulevard and State Road 44 when one car had to swerve to avoid hitting another.

“Words were exchanged,” Lt. Riggle said. “One car begins to pursue another car out onto 44, at which time a soda was thrown at the other car and that car immediately returned a shot fired from a handgun.”

Tipton was arrested after police were able to box in the two cars before they were able to reach Canal Street.

Lt. Riggle has some advice for all drivers.

“I plead to the community, if someone angers you while you are driving, please, please don t follow up on it. Just let it go and count to 10, and be on with your day,” he said.