Sunday, Tom Brady could have been staring from across the field at Bruce Arians

This Sunday, Tom Brady will be facing a Chargers team that he could have easily been playing for this year. His decision came down the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and L.A.

Brady says he loves the choice that he made.

"I love playing with our coaches and playing with the players we have on this team. I made a great decision and I love what we have going here," said Brady. "This is a great organization. I’ve loved every minute that I’ve been here. Other than losing a game against the Saints, we’ve had a lot of great days.”

The focus for Brady is to build on his connection with the Bucs.

They've had great starts, outscoring opponents 31-0 in the first quarter, but from there, things have sputtered.

"It’s a pretty small sample size still," said Brady. "But, yeah, absolutely we want to get off to a fast start every game. You want to play from ahead [and] you want to play on your terms. We’re certainly going to have to – as the year goes on – continue to gain consistency and dependability over the course of the whole game. That’s going to be the goal.”

In the last two games, Bady has reached new milestones, first eclipsing 75,000 yards in his career, (second to Drew Brees), and then winning against the Broncos, tying with Adam Vinatieri for the most regular-season wins, (221).

This week he can claim the title as his own, but he's going to have to do it without the help of some key players.

It's nothing new for Brady. He lost receivers to injures in New England. So what does he do to help guys get ready and build trust?

"You can spend time with each other in the locker room or whatever – this year we can’t do much – but getting to know people is one thing [and] getting to know them on the football field is most important," said Brady. "Ultimately, we’re all here to do a job. Our job is to win football games. To win football games is very demanding – everything is important. They just don’t magically happen."

"It’s not about, ‘Let’s clap our hands together and scream.’ It’s about doing the right thing consistently, gaining the trust of your teammates, being dependable every day in practice and through every game. The more people that are doing that, the better you’re going to be. The less people that are doing it, the less good you’re going to be."