Woman grabs boots and machete to deal with snake

She was ready to kill it, but she rescued it instead.

A local woman grabbed a machete to do battle with a poisonous snake that slithered into the garage. But instead of becoming a snake assassin, she became its savior. She says this snake wouldn’t take a hint.

A neighborhood cat brought it into the yard the first time.  The second time, she was going to cut off the snakes head, but then a last minute change of heart.

“Well at that point, we were like ‘Oh God’ we’ve just got to get it out here,” recalls Michelle Redfern.

Her "you gotta be kidding me" snake story comes with pictures to back it up.

“I had goosebumps the whole time,” Redfern said.

She used the machete as a scoop, plopped the snake into a plastic pitcher, then got in the car with it.

“I did think it was funny while we were driving to relocate it, all I could think of was what if the pitcher came open or if somebody hit us or if something happened and we had a snake in the vehicle gnawing on us apparently that’s what they do they have to latch on and gnawe,” Redfern said.

Ten minutes down the road, she released the snake into the woods.  So where was the man of the house in this story? Redfern laughs that part off.

“In his boxers and bare feet,” Redfern said