Woman goes into labor with twins after crash that left husband with neck injury

It’s been two months since a driver hit and injured a Kissimmee couple who were expecting twins.

"Will my babies make it, and are both parents going back home to the other children?" pondered the mother of the twins, Ronesha Brooks, following the accident.

The couple’s babies were safely delivered, but the parents are still facing a long road to recovery. The couple said they were just minutes away from the hospital when they were hit by a red sedan which Ronesha said caused her to go into labor a week early and caused one of the twins to stay in the NICU unit for a week.

"One of the placentas erupted on the inside, and it was bleeding," she explained. "Once the placenta erupts, it’s hard for the babies to do anything." 

The accident happened on June 24, which also happened to be the birthday of the twins' father, Andre Brooks. The crash caused him to have a broken neck.

"My neck won’t be able to turn and move like it used to without surgery, and I can’t do surgery and be out of work that long," said Andre.

Speaking of work, Andre said he has been out of a job ever since the accident. He said he can barely move his neck and has trouble picking up items that weigh more than five pounds in weight. Meanwhile, Ronesha said she has fractured bones in her back and pain throughout her body, also making it tough for her to do many tasks.

"I can’t go back to work doing what I was doing, my left hand constantly goes numb. Our lives will forever be changed."

In the aftermath of the horrifying accident, the couple said life hasn’t been easy, but they are grateful they’re still here and able to hold their babies tightly.

"God blessed me, he gave me a new chance at life. He has me here for a reason," said Andre.

The couple said, due to the other driver’s insurance, paying for medical bills has been a struggle, so a close friend of the family has set up a GoFundMe in hopes of raising funds for the family