Winder toddler forms touching bond with newborn calf

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A Winder, Georgia toddler has formed a heartwarming bond with a newborn calf. 

This past Friday, June 15, Grace Holler Farms welcomed twin calves. Then, on Saturday morning, the smaller of the two was found abandoned, dehydrated and lifeless. 

Vanessa Ledbetter told FOX 5 her husband was out of town when she found the sick calf. So, she and her children decided to care for her.

"Eventually we brought her inside where we were able to better monitor her health," Ledbetter said. "After a full 24 hours of feeding by syringe and adding electrolytes, the baby was well enough to be reunited with her mother in a corralled area of the pasture." 

Ledbetter said over the weekend, her 2-year-old daughter, Ellie, formed a touching bond with the calf, who they named "Millie." 

"Ellie and Millie were the best of friends, almost inseparable, even napping together," the mother said. "We just can't help to think although nature played a huge role, nurture was vital to thrive." 

The calf was reunited with her mother Sunday afternoon.