Wild pigs turn yards into crater-filled moonscapes

At night, they invade. Wild Pigs have Cocoa residents on edge. 

A quiet neighborhood of retirees is their latest turf. The pictures and the eyewitness accounts are remarkable.  One woman is working with a fence company to try to keep the pigs out. Literally, trying to fortify her yard.

When you look at the damage , you might think, a machine did this. Did a lawn-mower go haywire? No. The destruction was done in two nights by a pig posse that won’t move on.

Lois Russell says the pigs on Ivy Drive started making a mess in her backyard last fall, but this week things have escalated. Now they’re in the front turning it into a moonscape.

“They’re doing a bang up job with that,” Russell said.

She has been working with two trappers to wrangle up the wild pigs.

“I think they like my grass,” she said.

Lois says she is spending thousands of dollars trying to fix the mess that the pigs keep making. She’s also worried about coming home in the evening because wild pigs are known to be aggressive.

“I don’t even want to think about it, I try not to think about it,” Russell said.

Folks in the area say they’re putting their faith in the trappers, and an all-out effort is on to catch the pigs.