Wekiva Springs State Park to receive $1 million from Gov. DeSantis' spending budget

Local officials are happy that they’ve secured $1 million to reduce traffic into Wekiva Springs State Park. Cars were lined up, bumper to bumper, at the gate waiting to get into the park, Saturday morning.

“Look at it - it's getting backed-up already!” said Edwin Meagher, who was in line to enter.

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People said they sometimes waited in line for more than an hour to get into the park.

Officials said the money will help ease the congestion.

“We're looking at widening the entrance here, additional entrance lanes to speed people in, but also extending the turn lane that's outside to our east here, so more cars can wait without blocking the two-lane traffic,” said Park Manager Robert Brooks.




People living in the area were also excited about the plan. They said long lines have made it tough getting to their front doors.

“We actually have a three-mile route to get around back to our homes,” complained Doug Maise, who lives in the area.

Brooks said there was no timeline for the project yet, but visitors like Clint Jackson said it can't happen soon enough.

“It's always good because we're expanding the roads everywhere else,” Jackson said, “why not get it done where it really needs to be done?”