Walmart requires masks for shoppers starting Monday

Starting Monday, Walmart and Sam’s Club stores say all customers must wear masks, as COVID-19 cases rise.

Most Walmart shoppers are already wearing masks.

“It looks like everyone's starting to get a grip on it and understand what needs to be done,” said Andrew D’Angelo.

“Because of the virus. Shoot, I'm 60, but I don't want to die yet,” said Betty Cleveland. “Know what I'm saying?”

Walmart said most of its stores were already in communities that had some sort of mask mandate.

Shoppers we spoke to said they would do what it took to stay safe.

“All doing diligence to make sure we get this under control,” D’Angelo said. “And if the government's not gonna, we gotta take it in our own hands and do it ourselves and then move forward.”

And it's not just Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens and Publix all announced they will also be requiring their customers to wear masks.

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