Volusia County opts for promotion over enforcement of face masks

As surrounding counties and Daytona Beach put face mask mandates in place, Volusia County said it will instead focus on education rather than enforcement.

The county launched a new campaign this week called “Step up Volusia,” asking people to "Wash up. Back up. Mask up."

Councilwoman Barbara Girtman said her inbox has been full, with people wanting to know the county’s stance on a mask mandate.

“I’ve been getting inundated with emails about the mask,” she said during Tuesday's council meeting.

Right now, Volusia County said it’s turning to promotion rather than enforcement.

“We really need to educate and communicate more than we need to make things mandatory,” said Volusia County Manager George Recktenwald.

The county said it’s also handing out personal protection equipment kits to residents and businesses.

Councilwoman Girtman is asking the community to do its part.

“I wear a mask for you, and I wear a mask for my 80-year-old mother because I don’t want to bring anything home to her,” she said.