Volusia County announces new COVID-19 vaccine shipment

As Volusia County wrapped up its three-day vaccine clinic, county officials announced a new chance for people to sign up.

County spokeswoman Kate Sark said people can register starting on Wednesday to be vaccinated on Thursday and Friday after the state sent 2,300 doses.

Though the amount received is less, Sark said the state is also sending some to its partners in the state, like Publix.

"So, the state determines the number of vaccines to send and they’ve advised that we’ll be getting 2,300 this week. However, we were told that those other doses will be allocated to Publix in our communities," she said.

FOX 35 asked Publix how it determines how many doses each store will get. A company spokesperson said it depends on the area’s population. Sark said the hope is to make it readily available everywhere.

"There’s a lot of participating Publix locations so there may be one closer to your home, so that’s definitely another resource people should check out," she said.

She added the county will continue to distribute the vaccine as long as the state keeps sending it.

"Right now, because we’re a state designated site, we receive vaccines from the state and we’re prepared to administer it as long as we can," she said.

Meantime, Governor Ron DeSantis announced major supermarket chains, like Winn Dixie and Walmart, want to join Publix in distribution.

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