Visitors stick around Brevard County for historic launch, now scheduled for Saturday

A lot of people were on the Space Coast for Wednesday's launch. Some of them are sticking around, unable to pass up the once in a lifetime chance to witness history.

With a weekend launch now happening after Wednesday's scrub, Brevard County is expecting a second economic boost that it so desperately needs after the pandemic wiped out business these last months.

The South Beach Inn in Cocoa was sold out Wednesday with folks coming in from all over the country for the historic Demo 2 launch. Now it's sold out for Saturday too.

"We were so disappointed. We actually walked onto the beach 15 minutes before the launch because we were watching on TV and then we had to walk back in and we extended our stay," said Nicole Kramer-Axelrad, who is visiting from Miami with her husband and two sons. "We thought we’re here. They’re studying about astronauts right now. And we thought what a great opportunity, let’s do it."

They're not alone.

"I think hoteliers and businesses are going to get another bite of the apple this weekend," said Space Coast Office of Tourism Executive Director Peter Cranis.

Cranis estimates 150,000 people came to see Wednesday's launch, which didn't go. With the mission now rescheduled for Saturday, "We could really top that this weekend with not only people coming back for it but new people potentially coming. That's good news after what he calls a 'horrific' April, tourism-wise.

"The beginning of May looked like it was going to follow but now there’s a little glimmer of sunshine."

That sunshine is glimmering for families too.

"They’re excited they get to, we got to stay for more days," said Kramer-Axelrad.

The South Beach Inn says one thing that's different about this launch is they have no international guests due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.