Visitors flock to the Space Coast for historic Inspiration4 launch

FOX 35 is counting down to liftoff for the Inspiration4 mission. 

The SpaceX rocket will take a crew of four into orbit without a NASA astronaut onboard. 

The crew and rocket are ready to go and so are people flocking to the Space Coast to get a glimpse of the history-making launch. 

They are hoping for a clear, gorgeous, successful launch so they can witness history up-close.

Jetty Park was quiet Tuesday, but its campground was busy as folks drove in and secured a spot to catch Wednesday night’s historic launch. 

"Our friends here have seen the launches. They said, ‘Hey, come on. We’ll have fun. We’ll see the launch out there,' so I’m as giddy as a schoolboy," said Steve Wolf, of Homosassa.

"This will be my first time seeing it at night. They say it’s completely different than seeing it in the morning during the daytime," said Eddiana Tigerino, of Miami.

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The Inspiration4 launch is serving up a particular type of awe as it’s sending four regular people, not astronauts, into space.

"Wow, amazing. I didn’t know that part."

"I would do that. I would love to go to the moon before I…"

"Now that we have commercial enterprises doing it, I just think it’s great. Let everybody get in the game," Wolf said. 

The crew will spend three days orbiting space before splashing down off the coast. Seeing regular people do it is a reminder for many that anything is possible. 

"The view. You get out to the end of that pier, you can see anything, especially at night when there’s no one around. It’s nice," said Lou Costa, of Cocoa.

"It’s the last frontier for us is outer space. I just think the whole space exploration, it just blows me away. I just think it’s wonderful," Lovick said.

The launch window opens Wednesday at 8:02 p.m.

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