Updated feasibility study focuses on pedestrian safety off I-Drive

As thousands of tourists visit International Drive in Orlando, crossing the street is becoming a big risk. That's why there's a study taking place to determine how to fix it.

As tourist Dustin Wade tries to cross I-Drive by Sand Lake Road, with his family, he says, "Dangerous with the kids. People trying to cut in from other angles and other lanes, and you got kids trying to cross, even with the cross-walk still you’re gonna kill someone."
And that’s what happened 3 weeks ago.FHP troopers say a tourist from Indiana was killed in a crosswalk after being hit by a car, however, it was the driver who had the green light."  WitnessTravis Wieand works in the area, "I seen a body on the ground. They were doing CPR when I passed."

"Right now they’re literally just racing out into the road."Luann Brooks of the International Drive Business Improvement District says they’re working to make it safer. 8 traffic lights and crosswalks are being installed along I-Drive and Universal Blvd, but the intersection by Sand Lake Road needs something more. A pedestrian bridge at Sand Lake and I-Drive. Right now it’s in the feasibility study and that will connect all four corners."
In previous years, Orange County created renderings like a pedestrian bridge, but the plan never came to fruition.
Brooks says, they’ll come up with a new plan, but it could take 3 years before it’s built. "Because you’ve got to the right of way. You’ve got to get the materials which is an issue right now. Materials are very tough to come by." Brooks says the study will determine the design and cost of the pedestrian bridge. It will also focus on who will pay for the construction.

As deputies patrol, many worry someone else will lose their life. Business owner Micah Bass says, "It’s unfortunate, and it’s gonna keep happening again and again unless Orange County does something."