UCF places Alpha Delta Pi sorority on interim organizational suspension

The Alpha Delta Pi sorority chapter at the University of Central Florida has been placed on interim organizational suspension, the university said on Tuesday.

The school cited violations to the student code of conduct and is investigating accusations that a nude photograph of a sorority sister was shared in an online group chat.

According to a news release from the university, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life received an email from a complainant on Saturday, July 6, and a faculty member who submitted the report to the Office of Student Conduct said she was made aware of the complaint Monday, July 8.

"It's pretty shocking, these people are supposed to be your family," said student Leisy Garcia.  "It's kinda sad. It's violating. It's really rude to expose someone in a situation like that especially when you're supposed to take car of each other, especially in a sisterhood."

According to the report, one sorority sister was photographed while nude from the waist down, on the toilet while she was drunk.  Her picture was then shared on the chat, the report states.  The investigation also discovered sorority sisters selling IDs to others under the age of 21, and some asking to complete assignments, in exchange for money.

Student Caroline Miller says, "There are consequences and it shows to other people that's not ok that's not right to have that on there."

The Alpha Delta Pi National Executive Office released this statement saying in part: "The behavior in question does not align with our values or our high standards of academic excellence. Alpha Delta Pi's International Officers and Executive Office staff are working closely with the University to conduct a thorough investigation."

The National office says, members will be allowed to move in and go to class. A hearing will be scheduled to determine the outcome.