U-Haul to implement nicotine-free policy for employees

It's one of the most recognized companies in the country, and now U-Haul is making a U-turn in its hiring policy.

It's no longer hiring people who smoke cigarettes.

It's part of an effort to create a healthier workforce.

"This is a company policy. I don’t feel it’s an infringement on my rights," said one person FOX 35 spoke with.

"I can’t say I really think that I agree with U-Haul’s practice to not hire people for such."

The controversial nicotine-free policy starts next month in 21 states, including Florida.

Potential hires would not only be questioned about smoking.

In states where it's allowed, they would also be screened for nicotine.

"It would make sense to not hire someone if they’re smoking something illegal, but cigarettes if they’re of age, I think it’s reasonable."

It's part of the company's "Healthier You" program, which is focused on helping employees with health, mindset, nutrition and fitness. 

In a statement, U-Haul explains if they take care of its team members, team members will take care of customers.

Ultimately, U-Haul is a private company and can smoke out whoever it wants.

"It’s their right to choose who they hire, so I don’t think they’re infringing on people’s rights. If they want to be able to smoke, then go find another job."

"I’m a retiree. I’m 84. And I don’t think you guys want to hire me anyway."