Tropical Storm Chantal forms in the Atlantic, poses no threat to U.S., forecasters say

The third named storm of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season has formed.

Tropical Storm Chantal formed late Tuesday night. The storm is projected to spin around the north Atlantic Ocean as the weekend approaches.

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Fox 35 meteorologist Kristin Giannas says that the good news is that the storm does not pose any threat to the U.S.

"All of the models are keeping Chantal away from the United States. It's going to continue to stay a tropical storm, continuing to move east. Right now, it's moving east at 22 mph. It's going to take a bit of a dip south and then curve up back around."

Eventually, it will continue to move north and away through the Atlantic Ocean. Maximum sustained winds were clocked at 40 mph on Wednesday morning.

The peak of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season happens on Sept. 10.