Travel agent says bookings to Florida are up as those 65+ can get vaccinated even if they're not residents

(Photo by Jordan Sanchez/Unsplash)

People are coming to Florida from places like New York, getting their one-stop-shop of sun, sand and a shot. 

The race for vaccinations is in full speed, and nationwide Florida has been praised for distributing to anyone over the age of 65.

The demand has created a new type of industry: Vaccine tourism.

"We have had more and more clients definitely booking Florida this year, more than ever," said Lance Stamps, a New York travel agent with Classic Travel. 

Stamps said he books people across the country. He says his New York clients are booking trips to Florida fast. 

"Our booking window is actually shortened to I think three to five days prior. We have seen an increase in really just last-minute bookings. It is kind of a surprising phenomenon," Stamps said. 

But, Florida residents who are struggling to get the vaccine say they don’t need any more competition.  

"I think they should take care of Floridians first, positively, but the other states should step up just like our state did. I would be angry if someone took my spot," said Florida resident Joe Petzar.

The website for the Florida Department of Health does not list a residency requirement for the vaccine.

People here say it creates a sense of lawlessness, but for everyone else, it makes for a safe vacation. 

"I think our clients, if they are in the age category where they are looking to get the vaccine, that is a huge plus that they are able to get that while they are in Florida," Stamps said. 

Stamps said he has already booked 60 trips to Florida in the past three weeks.