Titusville mom speaks out after her son nearly drowned

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A Titusville mom is opening up about the near-drowning of her son to warn other parents about pool safety.

Fletcher Moon, 4, was at a family friend’s pool on July 30 when his mom says he ended up underwater for two to three minutes.

“We know now he reached for a toy near the deep-end and slipped in and fell,” said his mom, Dilek Moon.

Moon says when her son was pulled out of the pool, he was blue. 

She says one of the other moms there began CPR and another person dialed 911.

Amazingly, Moon says Fletcher was smiling and laughing at the hospital by the end of the night.

“It was confirmed that because of bystander CPR, that saved him... those extra minutes without oxygen,” Moon said.

Now, she wants to spread the word about that crucial CPR training.

She also wants parents to know about swim lessons that may have enabled her son to stay afloat.

“I wish now I had known how important it was to invest in the self-rescue water lessons,” she said.

Fletcher has made a full recovery. 

He got to meet the first responders who helped save him last week.