Streetlight falls into traffic on I-4 off-ramp

Robert Viehweger said something seemed a bit off as he drove onto the exit ramp from I-4 eastbound onto the 414 in Maitland on Monday.

"I looked up a bit ahead and I could see one of the light poles,” said Viehweger. "I don't know, it was just starting to rock."

Deep in the I-4 Ultimate construction zone, he said he slowed, down just in case, and good thing.

As Viehweger’s dash cam rolled the vehicle in front of him sped up and crossed past that light pole just in time as it toppled forward and crashed into the concrete of the off-ramp - just feet in front of Viehweger’s convertible.

"BAM! Down it goes. Crash!” said Viehweger. “And I stop and I'm going, 'Please nobody rear-end me right now.'"

Viehweger said luckily he was paying attention to the road and was able to stop before the pole came down. 

He was also able to get around the pole safely. 

He hopes others will learn from his experience and think twice about driving distracted, especially in the construction zone.

In a statement Tuesday, the Florida Department of Transportation said:

"Safety is a top priority for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). FDOT managers and district leadership have reviewed the video. We are thankful the driver in the vehicle that captured the video was not injured, nor were any others. We are addressing this matter with the contractor. The contractor is investigating how this occurred. We will emphasize to the contractor to communicate to their subs and suppliers the importance of safety along this busy construction corridor."

Steve Olson with FDOT said Wednesday that the apparent cause was a concrete mixer truck backing into the pole. 

The contractor on the project, SGL Constructors, also weighed in with a statement saying:

"Yesterday at approximately 3 p.m. SGL was notified of an incident involving a light pole that fell across the Maitland Blvd. ramp. We are currently investigating this incident."

While the incident is being investigated, Viehweger is looking at the positive - that he and no one else was hurt. 

He’s also noticing the irony that on that dash cam video 'Another One Bites the Dust' by Queen was playing on his playlist as that pole came crashing down.