Stranded air travelers in tears over more cancellations at OIA

Frustrations continue at Orlando International Airport after weather and "operational delays" led to the cancellations of several Spirit Airlines flights.

Sharon Flor says she's been stranded at OIA since Sunday morning.

"I have laid on the floor myself. I’m a strong person but this is the worst I’ve seen in my life." 

Johina Harb thought she’d be back in Chicago by now.

"They’re trying to give us $150 just for hotel and food. They think that’s going to help us, but it’s not."

Flight expert Clint Henderson at "The Points Guy" says there are steps you can take if you have to pay out of pocket because you are stuck due to an airline issue.  He recommends filing a claim on an airline's website. He also says passengers should look up flights on other airlines and ask Spirit to book them. However, they may get stuck paying the difference in price. 

"All the airlines are really required by law to do is eventually get you home to carry that flight. Sometimes they will accommodate you on a competitor’s flight, but with low-cost carriers, you’re not always guaranteed that."

Spirit released this statement saying in part, "We understand how frustrating it is for our Guests when plans change unexpectedly, and we're working to find solutions." 

Harb says, "It makes me angry because they want us to pay for another flight when it wasn’t our problem, to begin with."

Harb plans to file a claim to get her money back. 

Henderson says, "Contractually, Spirit does not have to give you your money back as long as they did get you home at some point, even if it was delayed. A lot of times the airlines will give you some kind of either points or money to sort of makeup for their failure."

Flight expert Willis Orlando of Scott’s Cheap Flights says airlines vary when it comes to refunds for flight delays and cancellations.

"An airline like United says it changes your itinerary by as little as 30 minutes your eligible for a refund. American is broader by four hours."

So remember, if your flight's been canceled, ask for a food and hotel voucher. Get a receipt and file a claim for the cost difference. And see if there are flights available on other airlines and ask if your current airline will pay for the difference.

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