Stimulus checks on the way; experts predict more help will be coming

Congresswoman Val Demings returned to Central Florida Saturday after helping to pass a historic stimulus package, and she says this is just the beginning of helping Americans in need. 

President Donald Trump signed the $2.2 trillion stimulus bill Friday giving much-needed help to Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.

Congresswoman Val Demmings calls it a "relief package".

"It’s not a stimulus package when you think about a stimulus bill. It's encouraging people to go out and spend money. This emergency relief package is really about helping people to survive," Demings said. 

Under the "CARES Act", a single American who filed taxes will receive $1,200.

A married couple will receive $2,400, plus $500 per child.

The amount is adjusted for people who make more than $75,000 a year.

Checks should be arriving within the next three weeks.

Demings said the stimulus package is a good start. 

"When you think of that $2.2 trillion is not enough, not enough money to get us where we need to go," Demings said. "But, it is a significant beginning." 

Financial experts predict more help will be coming for Americans in need. 

"This is not just about money, this is about people’s health to be able to sleep and think the right way," said Fox News Financial Expert Gary Kaltbaum. "You keep hearing about "this check". There will be more if this lasts longer. This government does recognize that business has stopped dead in its tracks."