Standoff with murder suspect ends with an arrest

After an hours-long standoff, Orange County deputies say they have their man, who was wanted for murder.

The scene unfolded on Sunday afternoon with deputies bringing out heavy artillery.

Dozens of deputies and even the SWAT team stormed the home on South Binion Road.

Inside the home, they were searching for Mike Matthew Gue, who they say was pulled out after hiding in the attic.

“We were able to gas the location, [the] suspect didn't come out,” Capt. Angelo Nieves said. “We made additional requests for him to come out, announcements, no response. Our SWAT team made an entry and we were able to locate him in the area of the attic where he surrendered.”

Investigators say Gue was wanted for the murder of Joshua Hagins, 17. Hagins was shot Friday. His body was found lying on Warren Sapp Road.

Deputies believe the suspect and the victim are cousins.

“There was some acrimony. Something had happened,” Capt. Nieves said, “which resulted in that shooting.”

It wasn't easy getting Gue out. Deputies say 15 people were inside the home at the time. They turned to tear gas to snuff him out.

Kayla Ouderkirk says her sister lives across the street. She says deputies have been keeping an eye on the home for some time.

“When the cops show up every week or two,” Ouderkirk said, “warning you that they're watching them and letting you know not to worry, we're watching them, don't freak out or anything.”

Gue faces first-degree murder charges. Deputies say a tip lead to his arrest.