SpaceX Crew-3 hold virtual meeting before Halloween launch

The countdown is on for the next SpaceX launch. The Crew-3 mission will blast off from Cape Canaveral at 2:21 a.m. on Sunday.

"Last night we got to go see Endurance in the hanger as they got ready to roll it up to the pad and actually but our hands on the Dragon. It was a pretty special experience."

Raja Chari is one of NASA's newest astronauts and the Crew-3 mission commander. The team held a virtual meeting Wednesday morning at Kennedy Space Center before going on their six month science mission on the International Space Station. 

"It’s an incredible legacy to be a part of and I take that responsibility and privilege really seriously," said Kayla Barron. She is serving as a mission specialist for the flight. This will mark her first spaceflight.

"One of the pinnacles of your time up on board is having the opportunity to do a spacewalk, but what we are doing in the laboratory is what many of us are looking forward to the most."

Tom Marshburn is a physician. He is the only veteran astronaut in the crew and is serving as their mission pilot. Joined by Matthias Maurer, a German astronaut with the European Space Agency, Marshburn says it’s the bonding that he is most looking forward to.

"Especially looking forward to flying with people who have not flown before, who I’ve never flown with before, and looking back on missions it is your human interactions with your crewmates that become the most special," he said.