South Florida shop makes face masks from alligator, python, iguana skins

A South Florida man is making stylish face masks that could help the environment.

These are colorful COVID-19 masks with a twist, and Brian Wood designs them all in South Florida.

"Use something that’s really exotic that normally you’d see Hermes, Gucci, Prada using, which we actually see to them the alligator hides," he explains. "I’m making a fashionable mask where we utilize the alligator, python and lizard, which we catch here."

That’s right, he also catches his prey first hand.

"Go python hunting and I’ve been alligator hunting for 34 years. So that’s how I got started. The pythons are invasive and they don’t even belong here in Florida. Were bought here as pets.Over the years they’ve gotten loose and now we have a huge population."

So how exactly does he make a mask out of python skin?

"I go with a company that does hypoallergenic silicone."

He attaches the skins to the materials inside, along with a filter.

"Snaps right into the mask. So now you have your mask and it’s an N95 defense."

But it costs a pretty penny for these fashionable masks. Python and iguana masks sell for $90.  An alligator one sell for $120

"This one takes the cake. I never thought I’d be doing this," he says.

Visit for more information, or call 954-868-8100.