Single mother bounces back from homelessness with help of nonprofit Lighthouse

It's a new beginning for Arlisa Hemphill and her family, with a new place to call home and new furniture inside thanks to the nonprofit Lighthouse.

"We're doing something very special for a mother with two kids who found herself homeless," said Russ Russell of Lighthouse. "We've teamed up with Gardner White to give her the items she needs in order to have a home."

"(It's) awesome, I am really happy, I'm excited," Hemphill said, reflecting on some hard times including homelessness. "It was pretty hard trying to keep a babysitter and work a midnight job and come home and take care of the kids and make sure they got to school too."
The single mother of two also is dealing with the death of her son's father who died by suicide.

"The bills were falling behind," she said. "At first I was afraid. Then I called Lighthouse because I really didn't have anywhere to go."

Lighthouse provided transitional housing for Hemphill so she could save up money and get back on her feet.
"Not only did we help her during her tough times but on the way out, to a new start," 

As new furniture was delivered, Hemphill says she is grateful for a new start.
"I'm happy, excited, I can't wait to sleep in the new bed," she said.
This mom wants other women who need assistance to call the Lighthouse and not suffer in silence. 

"Put your pride aside and just go for it, because the resources are there," she said.

You can learn more about Lighthouse at