Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood pulls over accused reckless driver

Deputies arrested a man they say was driving recklessly on Interstate 4 Thursday afternoon.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood said he was driving near mile marker 127 when he noticed the vehicle. 

"There was this gray minivan that kept drifting all the way into the shoulder, almost strike the guardrail, came all the way back out crossing traffic, and it just kept drifting all over the place," he said. 

He said drivers created a rolling roadblock as they called 911.

"The thing that impressed me is that the motorists had all slowed down significantly, so nobody would go near this guy," he said.

Sheriff Chitwood tells FOX 35 News that the county just rolled out a new program that allows for video calls into the communications center. 

"The dispatchers can send you that video link, you click on it, and then you’re live-streaming what is going on into the communications centers who then is putting that information out to deputies," he explained. 

The center’s director said callers will be asked by dispatchers if they can live stream. If so, they will send a link directly to the caller's phone via text. 

Sheriff Chitwood says the new technology could be a game-changer during incidents like the one that happened on I-4.

The suspect Cody Deel, of Deltona, was arrested and charged with DUI and refusing to submit to a breath test with prior refusal.