Safety tips for boaters ahead of Memorial Day weekend fun

Ahead of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, the Seminole County Fire Department is reminding those planning to be out on the water to have their life vests and safety gear.

"Coming around corners, the rivers are a lane of traffic, but there are no lines to keep you in place," said Lt. Kyle Hair.

He said Seminole County firefighters would be out on St. John River, patrolling the 50 miles from Lake Harny to High Banks.

"Make sure your battery is on, again make sure you have all your safety gear, your personal life jackets, your fire extinguishers," he said.

His teams have already received six rescue calls in May.

"About a month ago in the Volusia County side, someone ran into the trees up in the river and had to be sent to the trauma center," he said.

Other tips: be aware and have a plan before you get to the boat ramp.

"Most important thing of all boating is making sure the plug is in the boat. We get many people out there having a good time, having your beer, drinking your sodas and you look down, and your feet are covered in water."

Seminole Fire will have three boats out on the water and the Seminole County Sheriff's Office will also be out patrolling, he said.