Revelers at Biketoberfest refuse to let Nestor dampen the fun

One of the big events this weekend expected to be impacted by the weather is Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach.

The bikers are out in full force, and they say Tropical Storm Nestor isn’t stopping them. For some businesses, that might be a different story.  Still, bikes line and fly down Main Street in Daytona, on full display.

“We’re a little worried about tomorrow -- 80 percent, 90 percent rain and this is going to be super bad for business,” said Biker’s Den manager Elie Farhat.

He’s nervous that after Hurricane Dorian destroyed business over Labor Day weekend, Nestor might nail business too.

“This kind of business is like playing poker. You can’t blink with the weather.”

As for the bikers, a little rain won’t stop them.“I don’t think it’ll slow these people down,” said Keith Hall, who’s in town visiting from Tampa.

“Nah, we’ll all be out here even in the rain. You learn to deal with the weather when you ride a bike. I love it,” said Vinny, who lives in Daytona Beach.

Farhat hopes the rain mostly stays away. After all, “in Daytona you only make money march and Biketoberfest that’s it.”

Biketoberfest is still estimated to bring 125,000 people to the area. It continues through Sunday.