Police search for suspects in Brevard County carjackings

Micah Stubbe was recovering from his injuries, hours after police say two men tried to steal his car at the BP gas station on State Road 406 in Titusville.

Describing the moments as terrifying, Stubbe was able to fight the attackers off. 

“He put the gun in my face and kept telling me to give him the keys and I said 'No!'”

Police said, just a few minutes after, the suspects walked over to a hotel across the street, pistol-whipped a man in his 60s and stole his car.  The suspects then drove onto Interstate 95 but they did not get far before crashing that stolen truck.

“A Good Samaritan stopped to assist the car accident, and when he did, the suspects that were in the vehicle approached his vehicle, took his vehicle, and fled northbound on I-95,” explained Lt. Josh Little with the Titusville Police Department.

Police are still looking for the suspects, saying they drove off in a white 2020 Chevy Malibu.  As for Stubbe, he actually feels bad for the suspects and advises people not to do what he did. 

“A car can be retrieved. If someone steals your car, eventually it’s going to turn up. It can be returned. I very well could’ve been killed today,” he said.