Police: Destroyed diary reveals Paulding County man's multiple child molestations

A Paulding County man has been convicted for sexually molesting multiple young girls in North Dakota.

Officials say 32-year-old Timothy James Sprenger plead to two felonies in court on Nov. 7 in Ward County, North Dakota and was given multiple 20-year sentences.

According to police, Sprenger's arrest came from an investigation which began when a complainant presented Paulding County deputies with a diary believed to be Sprenger's. The diary, which had been torn to pieces, had been taped back together.

In the diary, police say they found documented information that showed Sprenger had molested children between the age of 6 months to 2 years old multiple times while he lived in North Dakota.

Officials were able to identify one of the victims, now 12 years old, and verified the timeline.

A judge sentenced Sprenger  to 20 years in prison for the crimes. Once he gets out he must complete treatment, register as a sex offender, and have no contact with the victims.