Police: 13-year-old uses mom's gun to shoot teens who were 'making fun of him'

A 13-year-old teen told police that he shot two teenagers because they were “making fun of him,” according to the teen’s arrest document.

The shooting happened Saturday evening inside a home near the 1500 block of Rila Street SE in Palm Bay. The document says the 13-year-old retrieved his mom's black and pink 9 mm SCCY handgun from her bedroom inside a home near the 6000 block of Ricardo Street SE. He did this after learning that the two teens who allegedly made fun of him were hanging out at their friend’s home on Rila Street. 

The 13-year-old allegedly walked to the house and knocked on the door, and when it opened, a witness says he forced his way in and began firing multiple rounds at three boys who were sitting on a couch inside the home.

Two teens were seriously injured and transported to hospitals. The arrest document says the 13-year-old shooter left the scene and then hid his mom’s firearm in a freezer back at his home on Ricardo Street. However, the gun was later recovered by police after the alleged teenaged shooter surrendered.

During the police manhunt for the shooter, the teen’s grandmother was ordered out of the house, and allegedly fainted, according to neighbors. 

Home surveillance shows officers aiming high powered rifles while ordering everyone out of the suspect's grandmother's home, as well as the grandmother being dragged away from the home by police after she fainted, according to neighbors. 

A judge ordered the 13-year-old to be held in a secure juvenile detention facility, but his mother is now under investigation for allowing her child to access to the firearm.