Petition calls to hold promoters accountable after massive crowd blocks traffic 

Daytona Beach city leaders are speaking out after a massive crowd blocked traffic Saturday in Daytona Beach.

“Young people who are not from here, who were visiting here, made bad decisions including stopping the road and making a video,” said Mayor Derrick Henry.

Police said they were prepared for big crowds after learning of an event called “Orlando Invades Daytona.”

“Ninety percent of the crowd was compliant. When we had to flush the beachside, we moved them and everything worked out pretty good,” said Chief Craig Capri, with Daytona Beach Police.

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Now, a petition is circulating on social media asking to hold the promoters accountable. Mayor Henry said they did contact the promoters who agreed to cancel the event, but that didn’t stop people from coming.

“The promoters of this event agreed to cancel it. They actually went on Facebook, they actually canceled the event. However, we know that doesn’t mean much. People will still continue to come to your community,” he said.

New concerns are rising after word spreads of another event next weekend. Mayor Henry said community leaders and authorities are aware.

“We’re hearing and the police are aware of it, and I will do my very best to reach out to the promoter and others to make sure that they realize this is not the time or space,” he said.