Orlando man battling flesh-eating bacteria

An Orlando, Florida man is in critical condition after his family says he contracted flesh-eating bacteria.

David Ireland, 50, is currently at the Intensive Care Unit at Advent Health.  His wife, Jody Ireland, tells FOX 35 her husband first came down with flu-like symptoms on August 16.  The following Tuesday, she said he asked her to take him to the emergency room.

Ireland said doctors diagnosed him with necrotizing fasciitis, a rare bacterial infection that can be deadly, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  The father of two young girls has gone through three surgeries with doctors removing 25 percent of his skin. 

“It has totally taken the skin off of his leg, up to his torso around the back of his hip,” said his mom Lois Ireland outside the hospital. 

She said the family doesn’t know how or where he got the infection, only knowing it made it in through a small wound on his leg, leaving him with a long recovery ahead.

“It’s gonna be at least a year to a year in a half if he survives this acute stage to get all the skin put back,” she said. 

Ireland’s wife says her husband, who is a diabetic, although not as severe has caught infections in the past. She says that’s the reason why he was careful about caring for open wounds. 

She says doctors told her the infection made it through a small puncture wound they didn’t notice.

Meanwhile, his family has been at his bedside hoping doctors bring good news.

“My son has a wife Jody and two little girls that are five and seven, and they just love their daddy. They’ve been able to come up and see him,” said Lois. 

He’s scheduled for a fourth surgery on Wednesday. 

The family has created a Go Fund Me account to help with medical costs: