Orlando International Airport welcomes therapy dogs

Therapy dogs have arrived to soothe nervous passengers at Orlando International Airport.

Airport officials say the Alliance of Therapy Dogs selected 10 dogs and handlers to be part of a pilot program, called "Paw Pilots."

These dogs even made their own video to show all the work that went into getting ready for their big debut.  

Adele Simons is on the first team of animal handlers that will be working shifts at the airport, serving up first class hospitality to locals and visitors from all around the world.  She says these therapy dogs can make a big difference. 

"A lot of people are very scared, maybe never been on a plane before. and they see a dog -- especially a little fluffy dog -- they just want to cuddle, and they forget about all their stress and anxiety," she says. 

Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport have similar programs in place.  The alliance reports that there were about 58 airports across the globe using therapy dogs in 2018.